jeudi 25 juin 2015

André Gagnon - Pour Les Amants

Interprète: André Gagnon
Titre: Pour Les Amants
Année: 1968
Palmarès: #9

André Gagnon, OC, a renowned Canadian composer, conductor, arranger, and actor was born 1 August 1942 in Saint-Pacôme-de-Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada The youngest of nineteen children, Gagnon began composing at the age of six and according to the Canadian Encyclopedia, "He took theory lessons with Léon Destroismaisons in Ste. Anne-de-la-Pocatière from 1952-53 and studied at the Conservatoire de musique à Montréal with Germaine Malépart (piano), Clermont Pépin (composition), and Gilberte Martin (solfège) from 1957 to 1961."
Extremely notable for his fusion of classical and pop styles, ("Such compositions as "Neiges," "Smash," "chevauchée," "Surprise," "Donna," and "Mouvements" have established Gagnon in the disco and pop fields," André Gagnon also composed for television including La Souris Verte, Vivre en ce Pays, Format 60, Format 30,Techno-Flash, Les Forges de Saint-Maurice as well as for theater with such productions as La Poudre aux Yeux, Doña Rosita, Terre d'Aube, La Dame de Chez Maxim's, and Wouf-Wouf. Some of his most notable songs are "Pour les Amants," "Turluteries," and "Mes Quatre Saisons."

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